It should be rioted that some of the Lviv streets of the walled in town were very narrow up to the late 19th and early 20th c. The houses did not form a straight line — some stood out, others retreated rendering the street peculiarly picturesque. At the end of the 19th c. the magistrature took measures to make the streets and squares more uniform.
The trip about the preserve is wound up in Valova Street. It appeared early in the 19th c. on the site of fortifications taken to pieces and represents a new trend. Houses Nos 15, 29 and others bear traces of classicism. House Nos 7,9 built by O. Sosnowsky, A. Zacharievich with the participation of the sculptor S. Kurchinsky and House No 11 by A.Schleien are best instances of modern style which means the prevailing style of the first decades of the 20th century. It brought in a fresh stream into the eclectic and historism architecture of the late 20th c. Valova Street leads on to A. Mickiewich Square and the monument to the great Polish poet, the monument being the creation of the sculptors A. Poppel and M. Pa-raschuk in 1905. The beautiful monument is the final stage of our trip about the preserve. Much is left to be seen and explored. But what has been seen will call for deeper study of and penetration into the beautiful world of the past. Lviv is a beautiful city in which there is a lot of weddings. But Odessa too old and beautiful city. I would like to present you a wedding portal city of Odessa. Here you can subtopic wedding announcement or find a specialist who can help you in conducting the wedding.


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